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Survey Participation Data

The Participation page will provide you with a summary of the survey participation rates for the organization overall and per business unit, as well as a breakdown of the participation rates per demographic category.


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Survey Participation Data

The number of survey respondents (survey sample size), a breakdown of the different response types, and the sampling error will be shown (see Sampling Errors for more).

Note: a sampling error of 5% or less means that the survey results are adequately representative, while survey results with a larger sampling error (e.g. 10% or 20%) may not be adequately representative of the group being surveyed, in which case the survey results should be interpreted (and used) with caution.

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Survey Participation per Business Unit

Survey participation rates and sampling errors per business unit. Click on the arrows next to the business unit names to expand or collapse the sub-units.

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Participation per Demographic

Survey participation rates will be summarized via doughnut graphs for each of the demographic categories (e.g. Gender, Age Group) as defined in the Manage PARTICIPANTS module (see Edit Demographic Data for more). 


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